What it means to live out core values

Here at Crane Renovation Group we are incredibly proud of our core values and how they define us as an organization. Our core values were not plucked out of the air, chosen or assigned—they grew from our employees and our collective, shared values. Our values are taken into consideration when we are hiring and when we are out in the community interacting with our customers and community partners.

The Crane Renovation Group core values are:

      • Respect everyone

      • Achieve a sense of family

      • Give back to the community

      • Be forward thinking

    These are not just words on paper


    Giving back to the community is especially near and dear to Crane Renovation Group’s heart. Many of our employees are out in the community every day working face-to-face with our customers which leads to a deep understanding of what our customer, and in turn, communities, need. In this industry, we are quite literally working to improve our communities through a variety of renovations, so it’s important that all of our employees share a desire to provide for the communities we touch every day. Every employee we hire lives and breathes a culture of service, whether that is servicing the basic human need of shelter or providing excellent customer service.

    Outside of our day-to-day, we live out this core value of giving back to the community through corporate philanthropy, the Crane on Board program, internal fundraising, and more. We work closely with a variety of non-profit organizations such as United Way, Operation BBQ, Modcon Living, and many others as opportunities for partnerships in philanthropy present themselves. The Crane on Board program helps our employees get involved with a non-profit board of their choosing where they can volunteer personal time and professional expertise. Our employees take it upon themselves to run a variety of internal campaigns ranging from food and clothes drives to fundraising for local causes.

    A servant heart

    Our Mr. Roof office in Nashville, Tennessee, has taken community service to the next level by designating a full day out of every month to volunteer together in their local community as a team. This new community service program was spearheaded by Katie, who was inspired to live out the Crane Renovation Group core values in a very real way. At first, it was like pulling teeth to shake up routine and get the whole office away from work for a day, but now everyone looks forward to it.


    They choose the organizations and causes for volunteering based on what they feel passionate about. So far, they’ve already participated with organizations serving a wide range of geographic locations, demographics, and age groups. Their volunteer activities have included packaging food and medical supplies, planting crops, working with their local animal shelter, adopting a highway for trash clean-up, providing support for children and adults with special needs, and more. When volunteering with their local animal shelter, Justin fully committed to living out the Crane Renovation Group core values by opening up his home and expanding his family to include a small, orphan puppy (who grew to be much larger than anticipated).

    Katie described her experience volunteering with National Dolphins as one of the most fulfilling volunteer experiences she has ever had. The National Dolphins have a mission to “to bring the physical and emotional benefits of swimming to people with special needs regardless of age, ability or financial circumstances.” The Mr. Roof staff had the privilege of interacting face-to-face with the community that National Dolphins has created to offer support, encouragement, and friendship. National Dolphins really appreciated the number of volunteers that showed up to provide emotional support for all of the swimmers that day. Mutually, working with the National Dolphins had an incredible impact on every single volunteer. They have created such a positive and heartfelt community for everyone involved and that was felt by all of the Mr. Roof volunteers.



    National Dolphins, http://nashvilledolphins.org/.

    Word spread

    It didn’t take long for the other offices to hear about what Nashville was doing and become inspired. Devon, from the Mr. Roof Louisville office, took a page out of Katie’s book and pulled her office together to write birthday cards for “Courageous Carter”, a young boy who is battling a rare form of cancer. Many of the Crane Renovation Group offices, including Nashville, jumped in to join their peers in Louisville in their support of Carter by also writing and sending birthday cards.

    Volunteering brings all of us closer together and creates a sense of family among our teams, as well as with the members of our community. Every employee at Crane Renovation Group lives out our core values in unique and impactful ways, but it can be most readily seen when people get out there and touch the community with their time and energy.


    “Homepage.” National Dolphins, info@nashvilledolphins.org, http://nashvilledolphins.org/


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