Crane Renovation Group aligns key brands to provide a more enhanced customer experience


One team, one process, one mission, under one brand, across a broader footprint

In a strategic response to the rising market trend of more people renting homes rather than buying their own, Crane Renovation Group is merging its commercial units into one holistic business, with the goal to grow its footprint nationwide with an enhanced customer experience and consistent service model, as Contractors Inc. The residential business will continue to operate as Able Roof and Mr. Roof.  


“When we considered our focus on providing exceptional service to our customers with a consistent experience, we recognized the best way to do that was as one, unified brand across our geographic footprint. We are confident our customers, our employees, and our subcontractor and vendor partners will see tremendous value as a result.”

—Drew Vennemeyer, Executive Vice President, Contractors Inc.

Contractors Inc has been a part of the Crane Renovation Group family since 2007, as a true partner to property and maintenance managers, commercial real estate owners, and business owners, providing maintenance and repair work to multi-family housing, commercial, and hospitality markets. As a part of the consolidation, Contractors Inc will now offer services previously provided under two Crane Renovation Group Companies. This includes the emergency response services previously provided under Responsiv Disaster Recovery such as 24/7 first response services, mitigation, remediation, biohazard clean up, and disaster planning; and owner-occupied renovation and commercial roofing services previously provided under Able Roof in the Columbus market and Mr. Roof in markets across the Midwest and the Southeastern United States. 

“It became clear that to enhance service levels to our customers, combining all of our commercial B2B operations under one platform made sense. We have a great visionary leader in Drew Vennemeyer who is passionate about delivering a consistent quality customer experience on every job we do with all of our valued customers” 

Jim Ziminski, President of Crane Renovation Group

This move to consolidate the commercial service offering gives Contractors Inc the ability to refine the commercial customer experience, offer a wider scope of service, and serve clients across the country as their businesses grow. As well, this transition honors the Crane Renovation Group mission to develop a consistent and superior renovation customer experience through an engaged workforce that embraces new ideas and opportunities.

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