Introducing the Forward-Thinking Fund

United in the goal to provide peace of mind by servicing the basic human need of shelter.

In 2020, Crane Renovation Group introduced the Forward-Thinking Fund, which awarded six $1,000 grants to a group of impressive finalists. This was a rewarding experience for all, and we want to continue this program in 2021.

The culture at Crane Renovation Group is based on our core values: respect everyone, achieve a sense of family, give back to the community, and be forward-thinking. It’s this last one—be forward-thinking—that we are honoring with the introduction of our Forward-Thinking Fund. Because we value initiative, innovation, and investing in the future, we are reaching out to the community to distribute funds to people who practice these qualities in their own lives.  We’re offering six grants, at $1,000 each, to individuals with a plan to invest in their own future.

We feel that investing in forward-thinking individuals will give them a needed boost to achieve their personal goals. If we do nothing more than help them achieve their dreams, it will be a big win—not only for them, but for our company, and our people as well. It shows that we truly practice what we preach.

The Core Values Ambassador Program


The Forward-Thinking Fund is the brainchild of the Core Values Ambassadors Program. Each quarter, we reflect on what a specific core value means to us, and create a campaign that puts our thoughts into action. Last quarter, we turned our attention toward our core value to give back to the community, because we strive to act as leaders and stewards to our community and seek to improve the quality of life for everyone where we live and work—and beyond.

Although the office staff was operating from home due to the government stay-at-home order, we were able to mobilize all of our locations to donate surplus shoes and clothing items for Soles4Souls. This nonprofit repurposes these items to create business opportunities for people around the world, allowing those in developing countries to become micro-entrepreneurs. Together we gathered almost 4,000 shoes and garments for this purpose.

With forward-thinking on our minds, we thought of nothing better than to share funds so people can advance their plans and better their life.    

What Forward-Thinking Means to Us

How do we practice forward thinking at Crane Renovation Group? It starts with our hiring practices, and doesn’t end there. We are committed to creating a workforce of people with a range of skills who will challenge the basic assumptions of our business model, in order to advance our company. In this day in age, if you don’t evolve, you don’t stick around. So we nurture a forward-thinking and curious culture that inspires the best in the renovation industry, and encourage new ideas and opportunities.

As a graphic designer, I never thought I’d work for a renovation company, but Crane Renovation Group is made up of more than just the trade positions you’d expect. I’m able to contribute my skills and experience to help the company as it continues to grow and move forward.

One example of nurturing this philosophy is the Values Added Leadership program. This training program presents participants with the opportunity to learn about themselves and how they can work better with others, culminating in a presentation of ideas for improvements within the company to leadership.

Another initiative we launched this year is CRGU, a company-wide learning management system that not only offers company training and onboarding, but free online classes in a multitude of subjects. As Benjamin Franklin once said, An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

Our Footprint

Crane Renovation Group is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, but with our company’s broad geographic footprint, we are able to touch lives across the Midwest and Southeast. The Forward-Thinking Fund is calling for entries in Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, and Florida. 

Each location has their own Core Value Ambassador, who is responsible to encourage and organize our quarterly campaigns. We have been overwhelmed by the company-wide participation since our program launched last spring.  

Call to Action

Are you or someone you know in search of money for school, work training, or rehabilitation? It’s a trying time for anyone to think about the future due to the uncertainty of COVID-19, and we know that people need reassurance now more than ever. Don’t hesitate to share this opportunity with anyone you think may be interested, and help Crane Renovation Group inspire forward-thinking this year!

The deadline for entries is December 19, 2021. Applications will be reviewed by a panel of people from Crane Renovation Group, and Elon Simms, the Vice President of Community Impact at Crane Group (our parent company). Finalists will be announced in January 2022.

Visit Forward Thinking to learn more or apply today!

Are you part of an institution? We’d love the opportunity to tell your clients, students or employees about the Forward-Thinking Fund. Email Nick Long at to set up a time for us to present virtually or in person at a safe distance. 


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