Case Study: Shingle & Rubber Roofing at Worly Building – Columbus, OH

March 2020

The Worly Building is a historic building in the Brewery District area of downtown Columbus, Ohio. Originally a horse stable, the Worly Building is now home to Shadowbox Cabaret and Rockmill Tavern. The building has a steep slope mansard roof, and a low slope EPDM roof. 

Occurrence that led to our involvement

All existing roof surfaces were old and badly needed replaced. The client called Contractors Inc directly, after their experience with us consulting on another job. After we conducted a complete and thorough estimate, we were awarded the bid for the job. 

What we were tasked to do

The scope included a tear-off and replacement of the existing shingles on the mansard roof. The low slope EPDM area was a layover—we did not tear off the existing layer in order to save money for the customer. 


  1. Shingle tear off
  2. New shingle install
  3. Crane to load flat roof materials
  4. Installed flat roof materials


Access to the building was challenging due its downtown location. We had to get a permit to block off a portion of the sidewalk and street, and we had to pay the average parking meter fees that would have been generated in the time we had the area closed off. The building is three stories tall, and the steep slope portion is not safe to walk on. We had to create two different ladder systems to load the materials up to the roof. We also built an awning to catch shingle debris during the tear off.  


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