New leadership to secure company growth in 2021 and beyond

Drew Vennemeyer, President of Contractors Inc; Ryan Huyghe, President of Mr. Roof and Able Roof

From left, Drew Vennemeyer, President of Contractors Inc; Ryan Huyghe, President of Mr. Roof and Able Roof

Crane Renovation Group has promoted Drew Vennemeyer to President of Contractors Inc, and Ryan Huyghe to President of Mr. Roof and Able Roof. In their roles as Presidents of the individual business units Crane Renovation Group comprises, Vennemeyer and Huyghe will secure long-term leadership for Crane Renovation Group in order for the company to grow beyond normal market rates. Jim Ziminski will continue in his role as President of Crane Renovation Group. 

Crane Renovation Group is planning for a significant growth period in the coming years. Of course the first step in this process is having the right people in place to lead us to our goals. Both Vennemeyer and Huyghe have demonstrated the leadership needed to take our company to new heights, and ensure we maintain our core values while we grow.

Jim Ziminski, President of Crane Renovation Group Tweet

The advancements follow the 2020 restructuring of Crane Renovation Group, which merged multiple commercial units into one holistic business as Contractors Inc. This was done with the goal to grow the commercial footprint nationwide with an enhanced customer experience and consistent service model. 

Drew Vennemeyer joined Crane Renovation Group in 2018 as Executive Vice President of Contractors Inc. He came to the company from Quandel Construction Group, where he served as President of their Ohio operation. In his time at Crane Renovation Group, Vennemeyer has led the strategic growth of the business by assimilating commercial teams across the company’s footprint, including mitigation and emergency response services. Estimating and business development teams were formed to enhance work acquisition efforts, and a scalable operational platform was developed to drive long-term, sustainable growth. 

As I look to the future, I’m incredibly excited to leverage all the work that’s been done since coming on board to drive the strategic growth of the company. We will provide our clients with an unparalleled customer experience and invest in our most valuable asset, our team members, by providing robust opportunities for professional growth and development.

Drew Vennemeyer, President of Contractors Inc Tweet

Ryan Huyghe joined the company as Executive Vice President of Mr. Roof and Able Roof in 2019, after four years serving as the Chief Operating Officer of Controlled Products Systems Group—the largest wholesale distributor of vehicle access automation products in the country. At Crane Renovation Group, Huyghe has managed the transition to an elevated supply chain with Beacon Roofing Supply Inc. and a partnership with Owens Corning for our roofing system materials.

My new role challenges me to secure the brand’s ability to continue to develop talent in a way that successfully brings our people and partners consistent opportunity, fosters a collaborative and trusting environment through open and honest communication, and rewards a culture of values-driven performance. Generating excitement and alignment around our vision and goals is paramount.

Ryan Huyghe, President of Mr. Roof and Able Roof Tweet

Both Vennemeyer and Huyghe will have minority ownership in Crane Renovation Group to promote alignment of goals across the company.

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