Crane Renovation Group demonstrates core values during moments of crisis

Mr. Roof Nashville Tornado

Overnight on March 2, 2020, the city of Nashville was hit by a tornado and suffered the loss of 25 people, with over 300 injured, and 70,000 left without power. Crane Renovation Group has offices in Nashville that serve commercial businesses, with Contractors Inc, and residential areas, with Mr. Roof. Thankfully, no one from either side of the business was injured, but the Mr. Roof headquarters did receive extensive damage, with the tornado tearing through the roof and destroying the interior office space.

Core values supporting each other

While nothing can prepare you for such a life-altering and traumatic event, the core values ingrained in each and every member of the Crane Renovation Group team were enough to carry us through the crisis, then turn around and give back to a city in which some of us live and serve. 

Nashville Tornado at Mr. Roof

As an example of how we live out our core value to achieve a sense of family, the Contractors Inc Nashville office opened its doors the day after the storm to share their office space with Mr. Roof. Because of this, the residential business was able to immediately begin servicing homes that received tornado damage. As well, in order to speed up the recovery process at Mr. Roof, the Atlanta Contractors Inc office graciously brought in tarps and other materials needed at the Mr. Roof site.  

Giving back to communities in need

But we didn’t stop with living out our core values there. Giving back to the community has been at the heart of Crane Renovation Group and it’s parent company, Crane Group, for years. It was only natural to swiftly rise to the occasion, setting up a matching donations program to raise money for relief efforts through Operation BBQ. In less than one week, we collectively raised $15,000 for this cause. This outpouring of support is a real testament—it shows that we genuinely cherish our promise to give back to the communities we serve. 

Crane Renovation Group Fundraiser for Operation BBQ

We are incredibly proud to see the Crane Renovation Group family living out the values we all believe in during times of crisis. 

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